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Olivia Rai (February 2019):
„There is a lot to be said about Moshi-Moshi-Box. It’s not every day one hears of a Japanese-German indie pop duo taking over the music scene in Berlin, but alas, that is what Moshi-Moshi-Box is.

The band consists of Tomomi Arai (bass, vocals) and Anja Sokoll (guitar, vocals). Each of them has been playing music since they were kids. Tomomi got a headstart on her current partner in creative crime with an interest in music springing up at the age of four. She was playing violin and piano, and by her teens held down the guitar in an all-female rock band in Tokyo. Around 14-years-old is when Anja also got interested in music. After hearing The Beatles she picked up the guitar and two years after that she learned the drums. Together they’ve been making music since 2010, but it wasn’t until 2016 when they dropped their self-titled debut EP. Fast forward to 2018 and they were ready to wow the world again with This Red EP.

Every song is a unique story to tell and showcases just how inspired they are by the people and nature that surrounds them. Which is why people are listening with fervor.

A few years after they came together, they started performing in Berlin and Tokyo. Their Japanese essence and Berlin vibe are what make them stand out from the rest on a bill.

Moshi-Moshi-Box is an indie pop duo that takes their Japanese heritage and blends it ever so with Berlin’s vibrancy to relay music that’s both captivating and
entertaining. „

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